What is the colour of water? Project consisting of underwater photographs of the colour of oceans, seas, lakes & rivers from around the world. Subscribe for weekly updates.

About Colours of Water

The colours of water came about whilst just floating about in the seas and oceans and the enjoyment of looking in to the abyss whilst freediving, snorkeling and swimming around the United Kingdom. Having been interested in photography for a number of years, I took the camera under water for the first time in 2013 and having originally been interested in landscapes and street photography I didn't really know what to point the camera at at first. So of course, I ended up taking a few photographs of nothing, which has later become The Colours of Water.

I have moved my interests to minimal photography and videography now when underwater and The Colours of Water is the epitomy of this, trying to get more out of 'less'.

The aim for The Colours of Water is to capture the true colour of each underwater scene and to showcase the beauty of water in all it's forms. There are no real limitations to what water type the photographs are taken in, just that they are open water, such as oceans, lakes, quarries. rivers etc and that each photograph captures the water and nothing else. No surface ripples, no reflections, no sea bed or floor.

There is no hard and fast rule for taking each photo, just point and shoot, I'm after the colour and that is all, so if it's dark I may drag the shutter a little just to get in more light. Sometimes this means longer shutter speeds due to the weather being overcast. Othertimes, I will use fast shutter speeds, this will mainly be because of direct sunlight above and you will be able to see the light rays penetrate through the water and deep in to the depths.

Once I have the photograph captured, it's a case of pulling out the first 5 dominant colours from each image. This is done with a little bit of Javascript and html5 canvas. I then include the colours beneath the photo upload as hex/html code and colour swatches. I then add a few more details about the photograph, location and dominant colour, this is to better catalogue the information and to help with future statistics and analytics related to each photograph and colour. Hopefully this extra information can add some pretty info and help inspire new content for the site which you can find within the articles section.

Every now and then you will notice I will upload photographs I have not taken. These images are a combination of a location I can not get to any time soon and also have an event happening which I am interested in. 

I hope you enjoy you what see and this site inspires you to go to some open water local to you, to always respect the water, to explore and to have fun!

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